Built over 4 generations the Domaines des deux Fontaines is today owned by Michel and Janine Despres.

Set at the foot of the Madonna of Fleurie, 2 km away from the town center, the domain spreads over 10 hectars of granitic soils. Proud of the values of their elders, Michel and Janine make their wine in respect with the beaujolais traditions. they're offering you a Fleurie that will seduce you with its red froot aromas and the finesse of the aromas.

Dernières actualités

Wine exhibitions are restarting


This year, we are present on those events

For more informations about our participation, click on the link below.

the meeting room "Le Salon Rouge"


the meeting room is now fully operational. It is ready to host seminaries, think tanks and other groups interested in wines and wine tastings. Restauration is avilable on site, a room can be found at the Hotel des grands vins ( 20 rooms available), you'll be warmly welcomed by Gilles and Martine Poyet.

Harvest 2011


This year the harvest is early, three months earlier than in 2010. The crop is looking great and the pickers will work under nice weather, all conditions for a great 2011 vintage.

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