Historic of the domain

The great grandfather Benoit Despres buys it in 1885. At the beginning it was both a farm and a vineyard: a few cereals and a little vineyard to help the harvest. After Benoît , Jean-Marie, his son will take over. And the third generation, the two brothers Raymond and André will keep growing it. Brought up among the vineyards, Michel rich of all these traditions, will naturally take over. He will develop the business and take part in its growth.

In the vineyards

Most of the vineyards being on steep hills, work has to be done manually (pruning, harvest). Following the Beaujolais traditions the grapes are hand-picked, using a “serpette”, and then carried in tractors to the winery for the wine –making process.


Alcoholic fermentation:

Grapes are stored for 10 to 12 days ( the full grapes), kept within a certain temperature , turning the sugar to alcohol. Then it will be time to press the grapes.

Malolactic fermentation:

It’s the transformation of malic acid in lactic which will create the wine itself. The wine will evolve in vats under the close scrutiny of the wine maker, who will keep an eye on its evolution until the following spring.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health. Please consume with moderation.